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What Our Armonk Patients Say

At North Castle Chiropractic we love when patients share with us their feedback and comments after chiropractic care. Please read our patient testimonials below to see what other people have achieved through their tailored treatment plans with us.

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Dr. Wolin Has my Complete Trust and Confidence

I was referred to Dr. Wolin by a trusted friend who said he changed her life. I’d been living with constant neck pain and it hadn’t occurred to me to seek chiropractic help. Once I reached Dr. Wolin’s office, I was greeted by his lovely wife who was so helpful and kind and instantly put me at ease. She answered all of my questions about insurance and what to expect for my first visit. After my first adjustment, I left not knowing exactly what to expect. The next morning, I woke up a bit sore, but with almost no pain and a full range of motion for the first time in months. I’ve seen Dr. Wolin twice now and I’m already getting through my day without thinking about my neck or back. Dr. Wolin has my complete trust and confidence and I would recommend him to anyone!

-Sylvie S.

Profound Improvement

I sincerely thank Dr. Wolin for the profound improvement he has made in my mobility and my life. He was recommended to me by a work colleague, and I was hopeful that he could reduce the pain and immobility from my herniated disc and do this without resorting to surgery. He succeeded with that goal, and more. He counseled me about the importance of core-strengthening exercises and practiced them with me. He also encouraged me to keep active at all times during the day while accommodating my work in a traditional office setting.

I highly recommend Dr. Wolin to any individuals who have life-interfering back pain and especially to those who seek and are viable candidates for solutions without prescription medications and surgery.

– Diane K.

Neck & Back Pain in a Competitive Cyclist

After months of experiencing sharp neck and back pain when doing my bike training, I was dying to see how my back would feel after my first adjustment, so I went out today with the B+ guys and figured to go only 15 miles with them to see how it was. Got to mile 15 and there was NOTHING….no sharp pain…so I kept going with them. Pretty hilly ride, didn’t push ridiculously hard. I kept waiting for it to start….and 53 miles later, it never happened! There was some neck stiffness, but I could turn my head left with no problem. It’s amazing how you can ride when you’re not being stabbed in the back.

Thank you so much for listening, analyzing, and correcting my problem, can’t wait for the next adjustment. I have real hope that I can ride pain-free now!

– Tim L.

Severe Carpal Tunnel and Arthritis Relief

I would like to thank you again for the treatment you have been providing me. Three months ago I was scheduled to have wrist surgery for severe carpal tunnel and arthritis of the hand. I was literally being wheeled in for the surgery when the anesthesiologist asked me if I am experiencing any other difficulties. I told him that I had been feeling excruciating pain in my left arm for two weeks. I did not think it mattered since the surgery was to be on my right hand.

The surgery was canceled on the spot and an MRI was performed that very evening. It was found that I had several herniated discs and I was referred to a neurosurgeon who suggested I go for physical therapy. I chose to see you instead because I knew you normally get better results faster.

Not only did the pain in my left arm disappear but so too, the pain in my right hand! I started seeing you a few times a week, then every week, every other week and at present, every two to three weeks. Surgery was never performed and I am feeling wonderful.

– Mary Ann N.

No More Hip Pain – Headaches and Sinus Problems are Gone Too!

I was experiencing pain in my left hip. I had been exercising & thought I might have pulled something. My husband suggested that I see Dr. Wolin. Dr. Wolin made me feel at ease and he felt confident that he could help me with my hip problem – along with other problems I was having. I had no idea he could help me with my sinus problems & headaches too! Boy was I thrilled! Not only did the pain in my hip go away but I haven’t had a headache or sinus problem since. Thanks again Doc – You’re Great!

– Linda D.

Treatment to Keep You Moving

The team at North Castle Chiropractic was professional and let me feel safe even with Covid-19 restrictions in place. I called from the parking lot upon arrival and was told when to come in for my appointment to continue social distancing. Dr. Wolin takes his time and talks with you to make sure he understands any situation and find the right treatment to keep you moving.

– Leigh D.

Very Effective

I am lucky to have found this place after seeing so many wonderful reviews on my health plan’s page. The location is convenient, the staff is very friendly, and there is plenty of parking. I came for my daughter’s treatments and ended up using it for myself as well and Dr. Wolin did an amazing job for both of us! He was very attentive when listening to our goals and discussing our after care. He made us feel comfortable that the services we were receiving would be effective, which was our goal. This will be our go-to place from now on!

– Lana F.

Mission Accomplished!

Dr. Wolin was very informative and made me feel very much at ease. I felt confident that he knew the source of my pain and how he could help alleviate the problem. Mission accomplished. I felt better immediately after the treatment as well as after follow up sessions.

– Jordana S.

Relief from Vertigo

I was suffering from several extreme bouts of vertigo. I had been doing a considerable amount of traveling by air and am not sure if that contributed to vertigo. Dr. Wolin suggested that I come in for chiropractic evaluation and treatment, because he felt that he could help me. Vertigo went away after just a few visits, and I haven’t had it since. That was about six years ago.

I have also suffered from severe and extremely painful upper thigh leg cramps. Dr. Wolin diagnosed a magnesium deficiency and suggested that I take magnesium on a regular basis. Since I started taking the magnesium I have only suffered one episode of the cramping and it wasn’t as severe as in the past. I have been taking magnesium for about four years. Thanks to Dr. Wolin I no longer suffer from vertigo and the cramping of my upper thigh is all but gone.

– Evelyn L.

Grateful For Exceptional Care and Support

This is to thank you for all your loving, skilled, exceptional care you gave to my father in the last months of his life. To visit him at home when he was bedridden, to give him exercises, and to give me and my brothers and sisters your unhesitating support, as well as your valuable advice – all this is, quite frankly, beyond words.

These days it’s hard to die at home, now that doctors no longer make house calls. We feel that you really became, in effect, Dad’s primary doctor, because you came often, treated him sympathetically and listened to our problems – and then helped solve them. You even made special trips to shops to buy squeeze balls for him to hold in his hands to stop them shaking.

This is care that is over and above any call of duty. My mother, who so appreciated the new lease of life you gave her, would be so deeply grateful to you, were she alive. On her behalf, and my father’s, and from the bottom of our hearts, we thank you. Bless you!

– Kate P.

Like An Anti-Aging Remedy

Training with Dr. Wolin and his FIT Sessions program was an effective solution to getting strong for my yearly ski trip. Starting three weeks before my trip, I trained with Dr. Wolin twice a week. Those six sessions made such a difference. I found, and even my ski partners noticed, that I was able to ski at my optimum level and with greater comfort than in the past several years. Previously I was having a great deal of difficulty enjoying a full day of skiing without fatigue. The only way I knew to get in shape for skiing was to ski. The FIT Sessions REALLY did the trick, and made my ski vacation the best I’ve had in years. It was like an anti-aging remedy!

– Wendy A.

It’s Fun and so Efficient

I’ve had so many trainers over the years and I never looked forward to my sessions like I look forward these. It’s fun and the results make me feel like I’ve done a longer work out, it’s so efficient. I feel very confident having my doctor as my trainer; he knows exactly what I need and personalizes each of my sessions accordingly. This really works.

– Judy B.

Increased Vitality

It’s fabulous. I feel better. I look better. I feel great after I’m finished and I don’t get hurt like I did with some of my previous trainers. Plus, I love the compliments I’m getting form my family and friends!”

– Marilyn S.

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