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Chiropractic Care and Services

Dr Wolin adjusting patientWhen a patient comes into North Castle Chiropractic, Dr. Wolin carefully listens to what they’re saying. In most cases, what they want is to get rid of pain, so he tries to fulfill the immediate goal. Most people come in to get back to the things they like to do, so on that first visit, after a thorough exam, Dr. Wolin typically initiates treatment, and talks about proper posture, and gives them some simple cues that may make a big difference.

Once they start to improve, patients are more receptive to learn about what’s happening with their body. They might ask what they can do to prevent a recurrence, so he’ll educate them on a few things, like stretching and exercise.

Not Just Help for Back Pain

Lately, Dr. Wolin has seen a shift from the number of patients coming in with injuries from being active toward more patients coming in with lifestyle issues, such as pain from too much time sitting at the computer, cell phone usage, etc.

Usually these patients have endured an increase in their pain levels until they reach the point where they can’t tolerate any more. Dr. Wolin educates them about the causes of their pain and changes they can make to their habits to keep the pain from coming back and be healthier in general.

The symptoms most people come in with are the usual chiropractic issues—back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, hip pain, headaches, etc. With chiropractic adjustment, Dr. Wolin helps relieve their pain, increase mobility, range of motion, and function, to get them back in action again.

Tools and Techniques

In addition to manual techniques such as Diversified, Thompson Drop technique, and Cox flexion distraction decompression, Dr. Wolin also provides Impulse® adjusting instrument, trigger point therapy, PNF stretching, electrical stimulation, laser therapy and exercises.

Functional Integrative Training (FIT) is a program developed and supervised by Dr. Wolin that provides a fun, effective way to improve metabolism, body tone, and more. Our patients enjoy the sessions and see results!

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