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Recurring Vertigo and Health Maintenance

It is an individual’s choice to determine the benefits of chiropractic. Personally, I have made the choice for regular adjustments as a result of symptomatic relief for recurrent vertigo. After quite a few episodes of debilitating vertigo and the adjustments that relieved them, I realized that prevention was simple and necessary. The cause of my vertigo also caused mood and digestive change. So in order to continue to have an active life, monthly preventative maintenance became part of my health care plan.

Rosemary F. – Putnam Lake, NY

Suffering from Vertigo

I was suffering from several extreme bouts of vertigo. I had been doing a considerable amount of traveling by air and am not sure if that contributed to the vertigo. Dr. Wolin suggested that I come in for chiropractic evaluation and treatment, because he felt that he could help me. The vertigo went away after just a few visits, and I haven’t had it since. That was about six years ago.

I have also suffered from severe and extremely painful upper thigh leg cramps. Dr. Wolin diagnosed a magnesium deficiency and suggested that I take magnesium on a regular basis. Since I started taking the magnesium I have only suffered one episode of the cramping and it wasn’t as severe as in the past. I have been taking the magnesium for about four years. Thanks to Dr. Wolin I no longer suffer from vertigo and the cramping of my upper thigh is all but gone.

Evelyn L. – Harrison