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Sciatica and Chiropractic

Ran My First 5K

I started training for my first half marathon, and a few months into the training, I injured my hip.  At that point I was running approximately 8 miles.  My hip became extremely stiff and painful towards the front of my thigh.  At first I thought I had injured my hip flexor muscle and so went for sports massages and physical therapy.  Neither of those treatments helped and I ended up having an MRI scan.  The scan showed that I had a torn labrum, which is a cartilage ring in the hip socket.

The doctor said it could only be repaired with surgery, and at the same time they would do some work to ensure the same injury doesn’t reoccur. (It was suggested the shape of my hips contributed to the injury.)??  The orthopedist added that it would be quite a long recovery period, which I just dreaded. Read More…Show More

Someone at work then recommended me to Dr. Wolin. When I arrived at his office the first time, a colleague of mine was there and her first words to me were, “Dr. Wolin is the best. I was 5 minutes away from surgery on my neck and came to see him, and I never needed to have the surgery!”  That immediately gave me a lot of hope.  Dr. Wolin examined me and looked at my scan results and recommended we take an alternative approach.  With spinal, pelvic and hip adjustments, in conjunction with rehabilitative exercise and adjunctive physiotherapy, the plan was to make the hip heal and to become so strong and stable, so that I would be able to return to running in about 3 months.

I started going to him 3 times a week for about 8-10 weeks.  He was so patient and encouraging.  When I felt downhearted and wanted to just give up, he motivated me to see it through.  After 10 weeks, he started training me on the track whereby I would walk on the round part of the track and slowly run on the straights.  Initially I would do that for 1 lap and then 2 and so we progressed until I did a mile.  From there I progressed to running three quarters of a lap and walking the other quarter.  Eventually I could run a full lap and I was delighted!  We continued with this slow approach until I could run 12 laps!  During the initial period my hip would feel a little bit stiff and painful, but over time it loosened up and I trained through it.

I managed to run my first 5K a few weeks ago and I had tears of joy at the end of it!  Running is a big part of my life and I am grateful to Dr. Wolin for encouraging me to take this alternative approach as it clearly worked!

I found the fact that Dr. Wolin was a sports person himself really helped as well as he truly understood the mindset of an athlete and he was able to give me guidance accordingly.

Thank you once again to Dr. Wolin – you are the best!

Belinda Lombard

Sciatica and Low Back Pain

Thank you so much for your help and your kindness. Your touch is magical. I don’t know what I would do without you – probably crumbling from low back pain and sciatica. Thank you for being there.

All the best,
Araiz M., Ft. Lee, NJ

Pregnancy and Severe Sciatic Pain

Thank you so much for your help during my pregnancy. I gained a fair amount of weight and the pressure on my back was tremendous. I also developed severe sciatic pain. Your adjustments provided me with total relief! I was thrilled with your drugless and natural approach.

I also asked for your input on my nutritional requirements during pregnancy & nursing. You provided me with a wealth of invaluable information. I feel so fortunate to have found such a skilled and caring doctor. Years later, I developed Frozen Shoulder which became so bad, I could hardly lift my arm without severe pain. Even though it normally takes 6-24 months to recover from this condition, you were able to get me back to all my normal activities within 4 months.

Thank you so much for all your help.


Nancy F. – Armonk

No More Hip Pain – Headaches and Sinus Problems are Gone too!

I was experiencing pain in my left hip. I had been exercising & thought I might have pulled something. My husband suggested that I see Dr. Wolin.

Dr. Wolin made me feel at ease and he felt confident that he could help me with my hip problem – along with other problems I was having. I had no idea he could help me with my sinus problems & headaches too! Boy was I thrilled!

Not only did the pain in my hip go away but I haven’t had a headache or sinus problem since.

Thanks again Doc – You’re Great!

Linda D. – Brewster

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