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Neck Pain Relief

I had terrible head and& neck pain from cycling

You know how afraid I was when I started coming to your office for Chiropractic care! Now I look forward to each visit because I know I will feel relief. You know just where to press, stretch, turn, etc. to help relieve pain.

I had terrible head & neck pain from cycling and after you treated me it seemed like the pain just poured out of me.

Thank you for your help & wisdom.

Judy – Armonk

I have suffered from chronic neck and back pain for the last 7 years

I have suffered from chronic neck & back pain for the last 7 years. I had been treated by 2 orthopedic surgeons who treated the symptoms but not the cause. I became accustomed to the pain and used prescribed analgesics and muscle relaxants during exacerbations.

Six years ago I awoke with complete numbness of the left side of my face, neck, arm to the fingers, with associated chest pain which was constant. Treatment in the emergency room consisted of a collar and muscle relaxants. Four months later I had an exacerbation of low back pain which was treated with P.T. and more muscle relaxants. This treatment helped somewhat.

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I had received positive results from chiropractic for a previous problem with tennis elbow so I decided it was time to seek out a chiropractor near my office to discuss my chronic condition. My boss spoke very highly of Dr. Wolin and he continues to see Dr. Wolin for maintenance visits.

I started treatment and within a very short period of time Dr. Wolin has turned a severe chronic problem into an almost cured condition.

Dr. Wolin took the time to listen to the case history, did a physical exam and went over my x-rays with me. He also questioned my sleeping position which turned out to be a contributing factor. I have gotten rid of the pain/pressure in the low back & gotten rid of the stiffness in the neck and shoulders. Under Dr. Wolin’s supervision I have begun appropriate exercises. I can turn my neck to back up the car without having to turn my entire body! My condition has steadily improved and I have graduated from 3 times a week to twice a week and shortly will be able to stay on a monthly maintenance program.

Chiropractic has been essential for my recovery; I wish to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Wolin for his care and concern for my wellbeing.

Mary Ann B. – Hartsdale