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Migraine and Headache Pain

Suffered from Migraine Headaches and Breathing Difficulty

In 1986 I began to feel rather sick. I had started to suffer from migraine headaches and had difficulty breathing. The first doctor I attempted to go to was an ear, nose and throat specialist. He gave me an inhaler and told me it had to do with nerves. The problem didn’t go away. The next doctor I tried was an allergist. I went every week for shots. He helped me a lot but I was consistently on drugs. For almost six years I’ve been going to him, but the headaches still didn’t go away. They were so bad I would cry myself to sleep.

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Finally a friend recommended I go to Dr. Wolin. A week later I met with him. I was very optimistic because I have tried everything. Well after ten doctors, CAT scans and an excess of X-rays, something finally worked. Within the week my headaches became very small.

Now I’ve been going to Dr. Wolin for about four months. I rarely ever have headaches. I finally feel like I have my life back.

Many people hate going to the doctor but I look forward to it because I know I will continue to feel great!! Thank you.

Teresa M., Valhalla

Sinusitis and Very Bad Headaches

Well – it is winter again – cold and flu season. It did not surprise me when I came down with a cold that soon settled into my sinuses. I began to have very bad headaches. I felt as if I was wearing a mask with pressure over my eye area.

My doctor prescribed an antibiotic for the sinusitis. My symptoms persisted.

After one session with you, including cervical spine adjustments, I began to feel my head clearing. After the second session, I felt as if the fog I seemed to be in had finally lifted. I am able to see, hear and think much more clearly.

Thank you for your compassionate listening and expertise in your field. You have helped me on many occasions and I will happily ‘pass the word’ to others of the great care that you provide.

Sincerely yours,

Jean W. – Somers