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Carpal Tunnel

Severe Carpal Tunnel and Arthritis of the Hand

I would like to thank you again for the treatment you have been providing me. Three months ago I was scheduled to have wrist surgery for severe carpal tunnel and arthritis of the hand. I was literally being wheeled in for the surgery when the anesthesiologist asked me if I am experiencing any other difficulties. I told him that I had been feeling excruciating pain in my left arm for two weeks. I did not think it mattered since the surgery was to be on my right hand.

The surgery was canceled on the spot and an MRI was performed that very evening. It was found that I had several herniated discs and I was referred to a neurosurgeon who suggested I go for physical therapy. I chose to see you instead because I knew you normally get better results faster.

Not only did the pain in my left arm disappear but so too, the pain in my right hand! I started seeing you a few times a week, then every week, every other week and at present, every two to three weeks. Surgery was never performed and I am feeling wonderful.

Mary Ann N.
Brewster NY