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Back Pain Testimonials

Long Years of Back Problems

I want to take this opportunity to express my gratitude for all that you have done for me and my problems regarding my back and hip.

My back problems started way back when I was a Physical Education Major at the University of Miami. Things were going well for me physically in the intense program while learning how to be a Physical Education teacher. Then one day while in a dance class, my back suddenly “went out of wack”. Needless to say I was in great deal of discomfort, and the instructor had me lie down on the floor where she manipulated my back and spine. I felt better and continued what I was doing in all my classes. The back bothered me every now and then throughout the rest of the time I had at the University. I never went to a doctor. I thought there was probably nothing anyone could do for me, because my father had the same condition for many years.
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Well the years passed, and the back was getting worse when I finally decided to do something about it. I went to an orthopedist and was told that my hips were both “gone” (arthritic), and if I fix my hips my “back would be better”. That was three years ago. One hip was replaced, but the back only got worse. My walking became a problem and my functioning was getting worse. I went to several orthopedists who said the hip was fine. None of them offered any treatment for my problems, but one told me that my pelvis was misaligned. I went for physical therapy and pain management which helped me function somewhat better, but still left me unable to walk without significant pain.

After going through all that, I got a call from a friend who said he was going to a great chiropractor who treated and cured his back in only two sessions. He couldn’t stop raving about Dr. Wolin, and that if I wanted good treatment I should make an appointment to see him. I was very reluctant to start with another physician, but then decided that I had nothing to lose and maybe it would help my problems.

After taking my history and examining me, Dr. Wolin said he could help me and said that my left leg was shorter than the right. He told me to have my shoe fixed to accommodate the difference in length of my leg. No other physician told me that. After a brief time, I started walking better and with far less discomfort. After continued adjustments and targeted exercises over several months, I can actually say that my walking is better and my pain practically non-existent. If I do have a problem with my back now, the discomfort only lasts for a short time and is much less severe. I now see you only on a periodic basis for maintenance care, and I hope and am sure that my condition will remain stable.

I am truly appreciative of the caring, skill, and interest you have for my well being. Thank you for everything.

Very truly yours,

Sandy L. – Cortlandt

Low Back Injury Resulting in Chronic Sciatic Pain

As you know, I am a senior citizen who returned from WW II with a back injury. This created a sciatic nerve condition that was unbearable. Doctors would give me relief with codeine shots and other kinds of pain killers but the relief never lasted.

Subsequently I suffered from a blood problem which required steroids, such as prednisone, which I took for 1 ½ years. This relieved the pain but the after effects were a disaster to me.

You, Dr Wolin, pointed out to me that while a necessary evil, one of the bad effects of steroids was osteoarthritis & osteoporosis as well as obesity. Your knowledge of this was superior to the specialist doctors who, by hindsight, should have weaned me form this steroid within a few months of when the condition was reversed.
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I love tennis, but after every game, because of my advanced arthritis, I suffer in my back, neck & shoulder. You suggested that a continuous maintenance program of weekly adjustments, especially after tennis, will keep me in a stable condition. I’ve followed this procedure with you for several years and I am happy to tell you & the whole world that I no longer suffer sciatic nerve pinches, lower back pain and even at my age (over 80) I can play tennis 2 – 3 times a week. Neither acupuncture nor all the drugs and shots that the doctors had given me had this lasting pain relief.

While I realize that Chiropractic may never be a cure for my condition, consistent chiropractic is the way to go for the pain relief that makes my life enjoyable again.

Thanks to Chiropractic & thanks to you, Dr Wolin.

Harold T. – Somers

“My back has been improving with every treatment and so has my quality of life.”

After several years of back pain, Dr. Wolin was recommended to me by my regular MD. During my initial intake evaluation, I explained that I also experienced a burning sensation in my neck due to a previous injury, and severe pain in both knees (arthritic).

Dr. Wolin felt confident he could relieve discomfort in all areas. I am 5 weeks into treatment and the relief thus far is far beyond my expectations. The burning sensation in my neck has completely subsided, my knees are so improved that I am, for the most part, not aware of any discomfort. To be perfectly frank, I am very excited. My back has been improving with every treatment and so has my quality of life.

I would like to share my experience with others so that they might realize the same health benefits that I have enjoyed, and to express my gratefulness to Dr. Wolin for his unique and caring method of treatment.

Bob H. – Armonk

Sore Lower Back and Occasional Spasms

I first came to see Dr. Wolin about four years ago with a sore lower back & occasional spasms. I’ve been involved with Chiropractic for about 19 years, but only had two chiropractors before Dr. Wolin, being very particular about who does my adjustments. As a tennis pro, my livelihood depends upon my body’s ability to function at an optimal level. Regular chiropractic adjustments have helped me be able to accomplish that. I’ve found Dr. Wolin’s knowledge very complete and techniques very effective and smooth – in my estimation two very important factors in choosing a Chiropractor.

North Castle Chiropractic and Dr. Seth Wolin are a big asset to the community, with all of the charitable things he does, and a big plus to the Northern Westchester area. They are highly recommended by me to anyone with any discomfort.

C. G. – Mohegan Lake, NY

Fractured Back

Many years ago I fractured my back in two locations resulting in permanent partial atrophy and loss of strength in my thigh, leg and foot. I had not sought medical attention after my initial recovery. I became concerned and was recommended to Dr. Wolin.

Dr. Wolin helped me to better understand my condition and what can be done to prevent any further complications. It has been 3 – 4 months now since I have been coming to North Castle Chiropractic and it has helped me both physically & mentally. As a chef, I work very long hours and spend long days on my feet. Dr. Wolin has dramatically helped me get through my day with much less pain and fatigue.

Chris D. – Brewster